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Web-based field service management solution that helps with task allocation, employee tracking, reporting, scheduling and GPS tracking. Learn more about Connect My World. Ultimate platform to streamline your complex delivery operations and track your field staffs, delivery boys or technician in real time.

Learn more about Deliforce. A web-based fleet management cloud application platform, include GPS tracking, live video, route design, and more. Learn more about Fortress Mobile. Learn more about GetHomeSafe Corporate.

Effectively manage your fleet. Improve productivity, substantially lower operating costs and increase profits. Learn more about GPSControl. GPS Tracking Software for personal or commercial vehicle tracking and fleet management. Learn more about iFleet. Learn more about inField Solutions. Uniquely designed and adaptable to virtually any tracking use-case. Learn more about IntelliMatics. Track and trace solution to view real-time data about your mobile employees and vehicles, including location, speed, and time spent.

Learn more about IntelliTracer. Modular solution that allows you to manage assets using GPS tracking, manage projects, maintain ISO certification, and keep timesheets. Learn more about Kontrol4. For less than 50 cents a day, Locus delivers web-based GPS fleet tracking that reduces fuel and operating costs of your fleet.

Let us manage your GPS Data. Learn more about Logistrics. GPS tracking for fleets of any size; monitor routes, easily audit driver safety. Learn more about MapME. True real-time fleet management software to track real-time driver and asset locations. Learn more about Maven Fleet. GPS navigation solution that offers 3D mapping, route planning, and trip review capability. AIS and remote tracking add-ons available. Learn more about Memory-Map. A GPS tracking and fleet management for service and delivery companies. Learn more about MyFleetistics.

Simple, easy-to-use mapping and reporting features; digital and satellite mapping. Learn more about NetTrack. Security guard management system enabling security guard companies to optimize their operational management. Learn more about Novagems. We provide powerful and easy to use equipment, vehicle Learn more about Razor Tracking.

We provide powerful and easy to use equipment, vehicle. RFID tracking solution for airlines that provides transparent data collection for all kind of on-ground tracking for machineries etc. Learn more about Roambee Supply Chain Monitoring. Location intelligence tool for real-time tracking of location and movements of your sales people in the field. Switchboard is a leading enterprise ELD technology provider for trucking carriers.

Learn more about Switchboard Logistics. Learn more about Synapse Global Tracking Solution. A field service staff reporting automation, attendance and location tracking solution for companies. Learn more about TeamSpoor. Learn more about Traccar. A real-time tracking app used by the owners of Tracki devices to track the location of vehicles and other valuable devices. Learn more about Tracki GPS. Trackimo's GPS tracking platform allows users to view and monitor all assets simultaneously on a PC or mobile device. Learn more about Trackimo. Phone app and online real-time location tracking system.

Learn more about Tracking Software. GPS tracking system that makes it easy to track any object remotely. Provides real-time object monitoring, movement history, and more. Learn more about TrackMe. Affordable GPS tracking solution to monitor your fleet of vehicles and driver behavior.

Learn more about TrackMyFleet. GPS tracking solution that enables fleet management through field staff, IoT assets, and vehicle tracking. Learn more about Uboro. Live turn-by-turn vehicle tracking for large or small fleets, second updates. Learn more about USFleetTracking.

Fleet managers have to try Connecteam

VIA Mobile provides full freight dispatch, GPS Tracking, two-way messaging, and other features necessary in the transportation industry. Access from mobile devices. PUSH-notifications for events. Reports, charts, diagrams Learn more about Vialatm. Reports, charts, diagrams. GPS Tracking software helps businesses remotely track location and performance of their fleet, assets, and mobile workforce.

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Compare product reviews and features to build your list. Reset all filters. Sponsored: Vendors bid for placement within our listings. This option sorts the directory by those bids, highest to lowest. Highest Rated: Sorts listings by overall star rating, based on user reviews, highest to lowest. Most Reviews: Sorts listings by number of user reviews, most to least. Alphabetical: Sorts listings from A to Z. Why Capterra is Free. You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare. View Profile. KeepTruckin by KeepTruckin 29 reviews.

Learn more about KeepTruckin KeepTruckin is fundamentally changing the way commercial vehicles move on our roads through a robust fleet management solution. Wialon by Gurtam 17 reviews. Gurtam provides GPS tracking solution companies with a powerful fleet intelligence software platform Wialon Learn more about Wialon Gurtam provides GPS tracking solution companies with a powerful fleet intelligence software platform Wialon Learn more about Wialon Gurtam provides GPS tracking solution companies with a powerful fleet intelligence software platform Wialon.

Shadow Tracker by Advanced Tracking Technologies 14 reviews. Learn more about Shadow Tracker Incorporates the most current maps of North America delivered through our patented software technology. FleetLocate Fleet by Spireon 12 reviews. Learn more about FleetLocate Fleet Cloud-based software that helps manage fleet in real-time and business-critical data on a single dashboard. Navixy by Navixy 8 reviews. Learn more about Navixy All-in-one GPS tracking and fleet management solution with rich functionality, advanced features and custom white labeling.

Carmine by Carmine 4 reviews. Learn more about Carmine Fleet management for a smarter world. Mapon by Mapon 3 reviews. Innovative solutions for digital tachograph and tasks Learn more about Mapon An effective and easy way to manage your company fleet and remotely track assets. PL-Track by Position Logic 3 reviews. Learn more about PL-Track GPS tracking tool that enables asset management through configurable modules and multiple devices integration. Trakzee by Uffizio 2 reviews.

GPS Tracking Software - Free and Open Source System - Traccar

Learn more about Trakzee Fleet management tool that provides vehicle tracking through multiple analysis, driving behavior monitoring and more. Gigaiot fleet tracking system by GigaIOT 2 reviews. Learn more about Gigaiot fleet tracking system Fleet tracking software solution designed to keep track of where your fleet is and what is going on. FleetUp by FleetUp 2 reviews. Learn more about FleetUp Modern fleet tracking software designed to maximize your profits and keep your daily operation costs down.

Track-it by Divergence Solutions 2 reviews. Learn more about Track-it Live tracking software for parents and school supervisors that helps track and manage buses as well students. Synovia Solutions by Synovia Solutions 2 reviews. We provide GPS tracking solutions to help you manage your fleet more efficiently, improve safety, enhance service levels Learn more about Synovia Solutions We provide GPS tracking solutions to help you manage your fleet more efficiently, improve safety, enhance service levels Learn more about Synovia Solutions We provide GPS tracking solutions to help you manage your fleet more efficiently, improve safety, enhance service levels.

Learn more about eModal SaaS solution that allows terminal customers and port authorities to manage and expedite the movement of cargo and trucks. Learn more about gotrack iBeacon student tracking system that provides touch-less check-in and check-out features for students along with live bus tracking. Cloud-based GPS tracking solution that helps users track vehicles with real-time live monitoring, driver identification and Telemetrics Learn more about GPS Vehicle Tracking Cloud-based GPS tracking solution that helps users track vehicles with real-time live monitoring, driver identification and Telemetrics Learn more about GPS Vehicle Tracking Cloud-based GPS tracking solution that helps users track vehicles with real-time live monitoring, driver identification and Telemetrics.

Sensolus by Sensolus 1 review. Verizon Networkfleet Networkfleet.

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From Verizon, Networkfleet provides affordable fleet management solutions for lowering costs, boosting productivity, and operating fleets more efficiently. Networkfleet is available as three solutions so you can choose the solution that best suits your fleet tracking needs: Expressfleet for basic management of 5 or fewer vehicles, Fleetmatics for small- and medium-sized businesses looking for improved real-time visibility, and Telogis for integrated fleet and mobile resource management.

Fleetmatics enables companies to make quick decisions, reduce costs, and increase revenue with their fleet tracking software solution. This fleet tracking and management software solution aids in reducing business posts, increasing your profits, and maintaining regulatory compliance. AwareGPS makes fleet tracking simple while improving efficiency, reducing costs, and improving service. Their fleet tracking solution helps companies track employees and take a look into how they utilize your assets and vehicles.

Zubie Fleet Tracking GoZubie. Zubie makes driving safer, easier, and less expensive. Their fleet tracking solution delivers inexpensive GPS tracking includes location tracking, vehicle health, and driver reports. Element Fleet Telematics ElementFleet. Element Fleet Management is a leading global fleet management company that offers management services and financing for vehicle and equipment fleets.

Their Fleet Telematics delivers end-to-end telematics solutions to improve fleet performance. Fleet Trax Fleettrax. Fleet Trax offers fleet tracking without contracts. Their experience spans more than a decade and delivers GPS tracking systems to all types and sizes of businesses, along with ongoing training and technical support. Phantom Insight Fleet Tracking System. Phantom Insight Fleet Tracking System is a premier fleet tracking system and service that includes a wide range of features to help companies optimize theirs.

The real-time tracking with Phantom makes exact routes known and helps companies beat the competition with improved customer service. Samsara offers internet-connected sensors and GPS fleet tracking to improve compliance, safety, efficiency, and customer service. Get real-time location using the Helicopter View to track your cars, light and heavy trucks, buses, and specialized vehicles. CometFleet Actsoft. CometFleet by Actsoft connects your company and tracks your fleet with unparalleled accuracy.

This fleet tracking software enables you to send employees and workers to sites with the tools needed to improve routing, reduce downtime, and minimize costs. GPS Trackit gpstrackit. Their premium GPS fleet tracking software features live support, mobile access, online collaboration, and scheduling to ensure an interconnected fleet. This web-based fleet management software includes maintenance, tracking, and driver safety monitoring to help you reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your fleet.

With an eye toward efficiency, RTA Fleet tracks vehicle data and improves preventive maintenance, parts tracking, warranty recovery, budgeting, and more. Chevin Fleet Solutions offers fleet and asset management software. Their Fleet Management System for Enterprises is a completely integrated fleet management system for improving efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance for your fleet operation. Fleet Maintenance Pro. Fleet Maintenance Pro makes managing the maintenance of your fleet easy. It includes solutions for fleet inventory tracking, preventive maintenance, repair maintenance, history recording, flexible reporting, work orders, parts inventory, and fuel tracking.

A recognized pioneer and leading provider of intuitive fleet maintenance management software solutions for the surface transportation industry, Dossier Systems offers its fleet management software for private fleet. Dossier automates control and administration and utilizes real-time data to increase productivity and minimize costs through customizable reports. Vinity Soft Fleet Management Software 4. A software development company specializing in business software solutions, Vinity Soft offers Fleet Management Software 4.

Designed for easy of use and set up, Fleet Management Software 4. Fleet Complete FleetComplete. Specialists in IoT and GPS tracking solutions, Fleet Complete offers products addressing the fleet and mobile workforce tracking and management needs of companies of any size. Fleet Complete is the fleet tracking software solution that connects vehicles, tracks assets and vehicles, and dispatches your crew.

Specifically, Fleet Complete Fleet Tracker helps businesses gain real-time information on your fleet, optimize routing, and establish business efficiencies. Titan GPS Tracking.

Titan GPS makes it easy for companies to track and monitor vehicles, equipment, and fleet assets with their comprehensive, powerful, cloud-based GPS tracking systems. When you choose Titan GPS Tracking, you will be positioned to cut fuel expenses, increase efficiency, control labor costs, prevent unauthorized use, and reduce maintenance costs. Collective Data offers fleet and asset management software systems.

Their Fleet Maintenance Management Software is hosted on your server or your internal network through Collective Data hosting services. Odoo Fleet Odoo. Odoo creates all-in-one business software that is easy to use. Odoo Fleet makes it possible for businesses to track and manage vehicles, contracts, costs, insurance, and assignments without hassle.

AssetWorks delivers industry-leading business solutions to help asset- and infrastructure-intensive organizations control costs and streamline operations. Their FleetFocus Fleet Management Software is a powerful solution for maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime.

GPS tracking software – Features

From Streamline Transportation Technologies, Navistream is a simple and affordable fleet tracking solution. Navistream provides real-time insights into all fleet operations and moving assets on a single screen so you can identify and troubleshoot at minimal operational cost. Choose from two-way messaging, geofencing, and GPS tracking solutions.

Automile Automile. Automile is a top fleet and asset tracking solution with reliable GPS and an included data plan. Automile serves customers in nearly every industry and helps them track their vehicles and assets, go paper-free, maintain compliance, and improve vehicle utilization. Their fleet tracking solution provides live monitoring of vehicles and gives fleet managers complete control over their entire fleet. Their GPS Fleet Tracking and Fleet Management software solution gives companies access to views of their vehicles and assets live, onscreen at any time.

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Btracking Btracking. Btracking is a leading GPS tracking solutions provider servicing fleets, vehicles, assets, and mobile workforces. They offer GPS vehicle, truck, asset, and phone tracking to increase productivity and shorten response times. Fleetistics fleetistics. Fleetistics offers GPS tracking, engine diagnostics, and fleet management technology. Their solutions are tailor-made for large to enterprise fleets, medium to large fleets, small to medium fleets, and equipment and asset tracking.

While simple to use, Fleetistics offers detailed tracking with reports and alerts. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Toll Free: Tel: Fax: Get a Quote. Request Samples. Agile FleetCommander Agile FleetCommander is fleet tracking software for managing your fleet, regardless of its size. Key Features: Simplifies fleet management and tracking Track maintenance, fuel, accidents, and more Maintenance dashboard automatically updates and provides a summary of maintenance activities Click on any piece of information in the maintenance dashboard and FleetCommander drills down and provides you with even more information, preventive maintenance tasks, repairs, parts, labor, and more Web-based Automated maintenance reminders can be sent to a variety of people Reports help you spot trends, costs, and strengths and weaknesses in your maintenance program Cost: Contact for a quote 6.

Key Features: Unique driver rewards program Improves decision making by providing more accurate information Captures vehicle data up to 10 times more frequently than other fleet tracking software No termination fees Mobile app shows drivers real-time safety scores and rewards high-performing drivers with major-brand gift cards that can be delivered directly to their smartphones Reduces distracted driving and enables managers to monitor texting and calling while in motion Top-rated GPS tracking and monitoring provider delivers data, history, averages, and alarms on speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration, excessive idling, and other safety and performance indicators Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote 7.

Fleetio fleetio A modern, web-based fleet management platform, Fleetio makes it simple to manage and track vehicles and equipment from anywhere. Key Features: Scalable for fleets of all sizes Powerful tools for generating new opportunities for growth and savings Eliminates the complexity associated with data collection and transforms it into useful actionable information for businesses Vehicle tracking incorporates a rules feature to assist fleet managers in measuring events in five core area: productivity, safety, fleet optimization, compliance, and expandability Advanced reporting, driver behavior management, robust engine data reporting, GPS vehicle tracking, route optimization, engine health and maintenance, and much more Cost: Contact for a quote 9.

Omnitracs OmnitracsHQ A global pioneer of innovative software and SaaS fleet management solutions, Omnitracs serves the transportation industry. Key Features: Comprehensive HOS, IFTA, ELD, FMCSA, and DOT compliance Innovative fleet safety tracking provides insights to easily understand the steps that should be taken for complete protection and to reduce the number of safety-related incidents Route planning for improved customer satisfaction Effective vehicle management for keeping your fleet productive and driving your business forward; get valuable insights into assets, drivers, customers, and more Cost: Contact for a quote NexTraq NexTraq A leading provider of an easy-to-use, comprehensive GPS fleet tracking and vehicle management solution, NexTraq offers solutions for small fleets up to 20 vehicles, medium fleets up to vehicles, and large fleets of more than vehicles.

Rhino Fleet Tracking RhinoFleets Rhino Fleet Tracking delivers affordable fleet tracking devices and services in order to assist businesses in increasing revenue. Verizon Networkfleet Networkfleet From Verizon, Networkfleet provides affordable fleet management solutions for lowering costs, boosting productivity, and operating fleets more efficiently.